What Can I Do With VPN?

You have heard about VPN, but don’t know what you can do with it? In this article we will talk about your abilities with Virtual Private Network. Also we will advise you the best VPN in 2021. So let’s dive in.

The Best VPN For You

We have been working on the Internet and can recommend you the NordVPN. It is a quality service that enables you to be anonymous on the Internet and do a lot of things safely. So you should to buy a NordVPN because:

  • it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you don’t risk if buying a VPN from this service;
  • NordVPN has more than 5500 servers in 60 countries all over the world. Australia, USA, Russia, France, China — choose a country that you mostly like;
  • you can use this service on 6 devices concurrently. So if you work on your laptop, chat with friends on the phone and need a VPN for in, our offer is the best solution for it;
  • you can use a NordVPN on 6 devices concurrently. So if you work on your laptop, chat with friends on the phone and need a VPN for it, our offer is the best solution for it.

And the last pros of this service: it is very cheap but has extremely high speed. You will not notice you are using a VPN.

What You Can Do With VPN

You know that VPN provides you to privacy and anonymity. But Virtual Private Network can do more. We will count some of abilities you have with VPN. Maybe you know more? Write them in commentaries!

The first thing that you can do with Virtual Private Network is unblock social media. Some messengers are blocked in some countries, for example Viber is blocked in China. It is usual story when schools forbid Instagram in their territory. So you can unblock Instagram at school with VPN.

Also you can watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK. Yes, it is possible. You can also watch web-sources blocked in your country or in your region.

You can change your IP-address with VPN. It is very good for marketers who work with foreign auditors and want to watch foreign advertisements. Also it is pretty cool when you want to find information that can be found only from foreign IP. For example, you have to find more information about bulgarion literature. But it is difficult to do with russian IP. You find information, but a little of it. If you want to find more, you have to change IP-address from Russia to Bulgaria.

Some free Wi-Fis are created by black hats for stealing data from users. Or hackers created viruses for free Wi-Fis. So if you connect to the network, you should have a VPN because it prevents your device from viruses and malware.

Several virtual libraries allow downloading only several books for a day. But some users have to do download more. So you can change your IP-address with VPN to avoid caps.


So you know what you can do with VPN. We have recommended you the best Virtual Private Network — it is a NordVPN. Try it and work comfortably! We hope you will like this service. Only you can make a decision is it service quality or not because all users are different. If you have a question, write it in the comment and we will answer!

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