Does a VPN Protect Against Computer Viruses?

VPN vs Computer Viruses

Virtual private networks solve a lot of issues related to Internet connection security, but they are not omnipotent and cannot provide complete security for your computer. VPN services are designed for specific purposes and can provide partial security.

What is VPN and Why It Need Us?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Applications running across a VPN may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network.

But how does a VPN secure your computer against viruses?

Simple, it doesn’t. VPN allows you to protect your device from hacking and data leaks if you use unsafe websites like Pirate Bay or use public Wi-Fi. But it does not protect you from viruses. To protect your computer from malicious programs, there are special anti-virus programs.

Can VPN protect Your Computer From VIRUSES ?

A VPN has vast functions but the security it offers doesn’t cut across computer viruses. It provides security against hackers who may try to gain access to personal documents or information as well as preventing them from exploiting your internet connection. It also hides your browsing status from external eyes or your internet service provider.

The best option against computer viruses on your system or affecting your VPN is the use of an anti-virus program. Research also shows that free VPNs are also susceptible to virus attacks as they may be embedded on the VPN before being installed on your computer or gadget. The use of the VPN and a good anti-virus will enable both applications to work hand in hand to guarantee complete and trustworthy protection for your computer.

To stay completely safe from Trojans, viruses, and hackers, you should use a good antivirus program with VPN. While a VPN will keep you safe from spies, the antivirus will keep you protected against viruses and other malware. Make sure you install a trusted and paid VPN service with good reviews.

Which VPN to choose?

How to Choose the Best VPN Service

Never use a free VPN. Compared to paid VPN services, free virtual private networks are inefficient due to weak encryption technologies. Also, free VPN has a lot of minuses and advertising, which can be really annoying (we all know that feeling, uh). The same is about antiviruses.

Today there are a lot of real good VPN clients for affordable price. If you need some great product on you hand, which easy-to-use on any gadget (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux) – choose NordVPN. It  makes your cybersecurity simple. Now you are guaranteed complete privacy on the Internet while connect up to 6 gadgets at the same time. Advanced technologies of NordVPN protect your actions on the Internet from hackers and malware. You’ll be protected in public Wi-Fi networks and even feeling comfortable online while VPN blocks intrusive advertising. NordVPN protects your IP address and ensures that no one can see which websites you visit and which files you download. Has any questions? Support team is here for you 24/7.

Check the list of the most reliable VPN services for acceptable price for you below!

VPN Service Official Site

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Ivacy VPN Service

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What is Antivirus and How To Stay Safe on the Internet?

Antivirus software solutions have long been on the market. Most people using computers have some kind of antivirus. Antivirus program is a specialized software for detecting computer viruses and unwanted programs. Antiviruses allow you to heal and restore infected files. It also lets you know if webpage you open is safe or contains malware. Used as a prevention – to prevent the infection of files or the operating system with malicious code. Antivirus programs come with automatic updates so they can block incoming viruses.


Windows and Mac users are under an ever-growing threat from computer viruses and malware. In addition to various malicious programs and viruses, it’s danger of hacking your computer or smartphone or even tablet. This threat is different from viruses. To protect against 1 and 2 threats, you must use 2 different software. For full protection, use both types of programs. To protect against viruses and worms – antivirus, to protect against hacking your computer or other gadget – good VPN client.

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4 years ago

Anti-Virus is a must but VPNs have benefits when it comes to protection too, for example NordVPN has cleanweb feature that provides protection against trackers/malware/phishing. To put it short, it helps you prevent getting infected in the first place, I had few browser redirect attempts blocked while accessing putlockers. But you gotta keep in mind that IF you’re already infected then VPN will be of no use at all, so scan your hard drive with Anti-Virus that you trust, then VPN can buff up your online protection.