Should VPN Support IPv6?

You have probably seen about IPv6. Our article is about supporting IPv6 by VPNs. Also we will tell you if you need a VPN which supports IPv6 and recommend you the best VPN that supports this protocol.

We have been working on the Internet for 5 years so we have tested a lot of VPNs and have a lot of knowledge. So let’s dive in.

Do You Even Need IPv6?

No, you don’t need IPv6. Probably not for the foreseeable future. Why?

Many years ago that was planned to exchange IPv4 to IPv6. But this did not happen, and now IPv6 is not important. The majority of sites don’t support IPv6 and users need to use IPv4.

Therefore if you don’t use IPv6, you don’t miss out on anything. So keep calm.

VPN That Supports IPv6

Most Virtual Private Networks don’t support IPv6 because it is meaningless. But NordVPN supports it. We can actually say that it is the best service in 2021 because:

  • it has a 30-day guarantee so you don’t risk buying it;
  • this service has more than 5500 servers in 60 countries all over the world. Russia, Australia, Morocco, Japan — choose a country that you mostly like;
  • you can use this service on 6 devices concurrently. So if you work on your laptop, chat with friends on the phone and need a VPN for all devices, our offer is the best solution for it;
  • The support of this device is 24/7 online, so it will answer all your questions. If you can set up a VPN — write to support!

NordVPN is protected from IPv6 leak. IPv6 leak is process when your real IP address is finding via IPv6 protocol when IPv4 is hiding your real IP. You can disable IPv6 in your network for avoiding leaks but with NordVPN you can be sure that it will not happen.


As you see, the answer to your question is very easy. Nobody knows when IPv6 will be spread on the Internet so don’t be anxious about this protocol. Be sure that the NordVPN is protected from IPv6 leak, but be careful on the Internet, ok?

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