Ivacy VPN – Detailed Review 2019

IvacyVPN Review

As much as we would like to protect our privacies, there are authorities always on their toes to thwart our basic right. Everyone wants to regulate the internet in one way or another. Governments want to check for unlawful activities and threats, cybercriminals are looking to make some quick bucks and now entertainment channels are restricting viewership for some reason too. Where does a person have to go to have some freedom around here?

Well, it turns out you don’t have to go far. In all honesty, you don’t have to go anywhere. Installing a VPN will take care of all these problems for you. There are loads of choices on the market today. It is hard to decide which ones to really trust or which ones to not. When it comes to reliability, there are only a few shortlisted candidates.

Is Ivacy VPN undoubtedly one of those few? We in VPNAlist.com review it for you. The service won three awards at the recent BestVPN.com show held in Las Vegas and seems like having thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Here we checked a few of the features of Ivacy VPN:

Ivacy VPN Privacy

The hallmark of a good VPN is that it ensures user privacy on the internet. What good is an identity masking service which fails at the primary function it is designed for? Well in this respect, Ivacy VPN, with more than two decades worth of experience in the field, makes you covered. Using state of the art equipment and a highly professional development team, the servers at Ivacy, as company says, seems to be some of the most secure in the industry today.

Ivacy VPN owns its own network of more than thousand servers in 100+ locations. As a plus users get unlimited switch between those servers as many times as they need. Want browsing and staying anonymous at one time? Still worry about public Wi-Fi spots and online threats anymore? The secure VPN network of Ivacy makes you undercover by masking your IP address.

This should mean that once you put your money on this service, you are completely protected by them. In the industry some VPN services don’t have their own servers for re-routing user logs. This makes the encryption vulnerable to a variety of threats. In this case the own servers are controlled by the Ivacy VPN and their teams ensure that they are protected with the best software and hardware available.

Ivacy VPN No logging

Ivacy VPN has a true no-logging policy which is upheld at all costs. Most VPN’s today claim to have a zero logging policy but within the fine prints of their agreements, they have clauses which allow them to store some kinds of data coming from users. This makes them no different than local internet service providers because this information is always available for use to elements that users don’t approve of. In fact, a local ISP might be less harmful in this regard than a random VPN server.

A review of Ivacy VPN’s entire logging policy, which is available online shows that they indeed uphold their commitment of a zero logging browsing session. It is incredible how the only piece of information which they hold about you is the email address associated with the signup account. That’s it. No IP addresses, no traffic, bandwidth or durations logs at all. This means that you are truly incognito while surfing the internet. Only you know where you are and what you are doing. The rest of the world is kept in the dark; as it should be.

Ivacy VPN Encryption protocols

The internet is expanding quite rapidly. Protocols and the servers used to provide network connection services are growing every day. While this has numerous benefits, the drawbacks are expanding too. As time progresses, hackers are becoming increasingly powerful because they have more state of the art tools at their disposal. This means that there are just few spaces which they can’t get access to. This is evident from the recent ransomware attacks which caused billions of dollars in losses worldwide. The victims were some of the leading companies like IBM, UPS and several healthcare institutions etc.

When these elements can gain access to government websites and servers of multi-national corporations, then what chance does a normal home user have against them? Well, he holds a solid chance if he puts his trust in a leading service like Ivacy VPN. The development teams at their headquarters stay anonymous and make sure the users remain so too. The encryption protocols are 256-bit. This is the highest level of encryption available. What it entails is that in order to decrypt it, a hacker must go through 2256 different combinations. This is hard for even the most advanced supercomputers making sure that the data remains at its most secure level.

Web and Mobile Apps of Ivacy VPN

Web and Mobile Apps of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN believes in keeping its customers at the forefront of everything that they do. Keeping this is mind the service provides support for all the leading web and mobile platforms. One account can be used for access through five different devices. It doesn’t matter which gadget you have: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Ivacy VPN has everything covered. Also devices: Kodi, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Roku and consoles: Xbox, PS3, PS4. As a bonus, service offers its browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox. It works well on all platforms. The interface is friendly as for the aesthetic geeks and people with OCD.

How to run VPN? Single tap “Smart Connect” allows quick access typically in 3-10 seconds, depends on how far the server is from your place. Want to save data safely? Service offer you option “Secure Downloading” in other tab. Which let you download securely with the advance server level virus and malware protection. Just choose one out 16 countries and download what you want.

You’re 100% guaranteed back your money in 30-days

Exceptional customer service

Ivacy VPN provides true 24/7 customer support. If some VPN websites use chat bots on their live chat platform, Ivacy has actual representatives who make sure that all your queries are answered at the earliest. The support agents are quick to respond not only through the live chat on their website but also through social media. They are quite active on places like Twitter that makes it easy to ask for a quality help.

No Compromise on Speeds When You Use Ivacy VPN 

There are a lot of things which impact VPN speeds. First and foremost is the fact that the servers are usually not optimized. This means that connections are slow and even when they are connected to the internet, the response times are quite frustrating. Ivacy VPN offers an array of servers worldwide. Requests are processed rapidly and they are assigned the best possible locations based on where the ping is received from and which servers have the lightest load.

We conducted speed tests on their mainstream servers and the results were actually quite really good.

Speed Test Without VPN

Speed Test Without VPN

Ivacy VPN Speed Test – Denmark

Ivacy VPN Speed Test - Denmark

Ivacy VPN Speed Test – Australia

Ivacy VPN Speed Test - Australia

Ivacy VPN Speed Test – USA

Ivacy VPN Speed Test - USA

Ivacy VPN Speed Test – Singapur

Ivacy VPN Speed Test - Singapur

Speeds can vary based on a number of factors like individual network connection speeds and service providers. The connection speed can vary from one location to another too. If you have the right connections, you can enjoy seamless browsing for hours without interruptions.

The speeds of Ivacy VPN is good for torrent downloading, streaming and binge watching quite easy. Whether it is Game of Thrones or series on Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other service.

Multiple protocol support

Ivacy VPN has one of the most extensive protocol supports in the market today. They provide SSL level certificates for ensuring user privacy. Their protocols span a wide variety of services like Open VPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and IKEv2. The way in which this works is incredible. Ivacy unlike most services also offers support for IPv6 which is the newer form of DNS resolution system. This means that no matter which website you visit, you still be protected with security which is almost unsurpassable.

The cherry-on-top features

Need VPN completely leak free and to protect your data from? Here are some features that are ready to work for you. These include split tunneling, kill-switches, multi-logins and a lot more. The services work quite efficiently. we didn’t notice any fail. So that you can have peace of mind while surfing the internet. Here are more details on some of these:

Internet Kill-Switch

When switching connections like for instance when you walk into, for example, your university and your phone connects to the campus Wi-Fi, there are small windows where the VPN protection drops. This window is one where your data and devices become vulnerable to attacks. Ivacy VPN has covered this with its ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature. When activated it can sever the whole internet connection until a time when the VPN connection has been restored. This is quite effective in protecting information and sensitive data from being stolen and misused.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Split Tunneling

Although split tunneling is not recommended because it puts certain data at risk, Ivacy offers reliable dissection of information routing channels. You can choose to safely send some data over a secure channel while other less sensitive stuff over the unencrypted channel. However, when you have privacy coverage with unlimited bandwidth, why would you not play safe and send everything over a secure channel? Yes, Ivacy VPN has no caps on the bandwidth which you can use to access the internet. You can download and upload as much as you like with Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy VPN for Netflix

The interesting thing about Ivacy that its truly Netflix VPN. It let you unblock Netflix’s entire catalogues of 8000+ titles so easy. Here are some steps on how to unblock Netflix US with the Ivacy VPN: Sign up > Select purpose “Start streaming” on the top left corner > Select “Netflix US” to unblock Netflix> Login to Netflix with your ID > Enjoy your favorite shows!

Tap on “Streaming” tab in the app and watch offer much more other online streaming services you like News, Sports or Entertainment. Ivacy VPN provides in-app streaming of 60 popular services worldwide.  Take a look!

Ivacy VPN for Streaming Netflix

Notice, HBO unbelievably blocked access recently to viewers from outside the US. Ivacy VPN can help you cater to this problem effectively too.

What About Torrents?

Using VPN for torrenting is easy. Ivacy is optimized for P2P servers, which are commonly used by BitTorrent and uTorrent. As you know, P2P file sharing or torrenting, is the most popular way of sharing files with others on the internet.

All it requires for you to do is to run Ivacy VPN and connect to an appropriate server and then feel free to torrent as much as you like. Simply connect to a server where torrenting is not frowned upon nor is it entirely illegal.

While using a VPN for torrenting, once connected you will be assigned a new IP address. If your IP address remains the same, and does not change after connecting, it essentially means you are not protected. With Ivacy’s VPN features like Internet Kill Switch, Smart DNS Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, Zero Logs and Public Wi-Fi security, you can download torrents to your heart’s content as there is no way for you to get caught.

Don’t use torrent and don’t download any torrent files without VPN. Don’t forget hide your IP address before you go to the sites with pirated content!

You’re 100% guaranteed back your money in 30-days

Ivacy VPN Prices and Discounts

Compared to other services available in the market, Ivacy VPN offers some pretty exciting prices and discounts. The monthly subscription costs only about $9.95 a month and the savings grow exponentially as you increase the duration for which you want to purchase the service. A yearly commitment is only $3.33 a month. That’s savings of about 66%. Then the two year subscription is a mere $2.25 a month. That’s 77% savings on the normal monthly subscription. Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN doesn’t offer a free trial but they do give a 30 day money back policy.

Ivacy VPN Prices and Discounts

For a limited time, Ivacy VPN is offering an extensive discount for customers willing to purchase a five year subscription. The savings on that are almost 87%. That means that the monthly price is only about $1.33 a month. That’s a loss of change for protecting your privacy because if a system does suffer an episode of cybercrime, the estimated losses can easily cross hundreds of dollars.


Protecting our privacy online has recently become quite a challenge. People take the threat for granted. There might be several reasons for this but at the end of the day privacy invasion is a serious threat. Sometimes even Facebook algorithms can annoy a person. Since the tech giant owns both WhatsApp and Instagram, information is shared between the three platforms. Moreover, at times, people who you briefly interact with will somehow show up in your ‘People you may know” tab. It is quite shocking sometimes. Ivacy VPN solves this and many more major issues by providing a channel which is secure, reliable and robust. When you are connected with Ivacy, there is little else that you need to worry about.

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