How to Unblock Tik-Tok at School

If you like to watch Tik-Tok and you are studying at school or college, you may have problems with access to this social network. How to avoid caps and unblock TikTok at school? Read it in our article. We talk about how schools block Tik-Tok and how to circumvent caps. So let’s dive in.

Why Schools Block Tik-Tok and How They Do It

Our teachers consider that Tik-Tok makes us stupid and doesnt’ enable to concentration. We consume a lot of information therefore our brain is overstretched and we can’t take information on lessons. We lose interesting to lessons they think. So many schools forbid Tik-Tok in their campuses.

When you go on the street or when you are at home or at school, you have an IP-address that enables you to take data from Tik-Tok and watch vines in it. So if you are at school your IP-address is different to home IP. Admins of your educational institution have control on Internet access at your school, so they can limit access to Tik-Tok by the router. They can configure a limit what will forbid access to Tik-Tok with your school IP-address. And if you open Tik-Tok, you will see nothing or old news because you have your school IP-address.

To avoid caps you should change your IP-address. You can do it with VPN. Read the article below.

How to Circumvent Caps

You will avoid caps by VPN — Virtual Private Network. To say simply, it changes your IP-address. For example, if you are in Los-Angeles, you can set up a VPN and change your IP on New-York. This simple technology will help you to circumvent limits at your educational institution.

We are working in the Internet for 5 years so we know all about VPNs and have tested a lot of them. We can recommend your the NordVPN. It is a quality service because:

  • it has a 30-day guarantee so you don’t risk buying it;
  • NordVPN has more than 5500 servers in 60 countries all over the world. Russia, Australia, Morocco, Japan — choose a country that you mostly like;
  • you can use this service on 6 devices concurrently. So if you work on your laptop, chat with friends on the phone and need a VPN for all devices, our offer is the best solution for it;
  • the support of this device is 24/7 online, so it will answer all your questions. If you can set up a VPN — write to support!

And the last pros of this service: it is very cheap but has extremely high speed. You will not notice you are using a VPN, your Internet connection will be excellent.

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How to Set a VPN on Tik-Tok

If you want to unblock Tik-Tok with NordVPN, do the next steps:

  1. Buy and download software. It has apps for Android and iOS.
  2. Choose the network you want to be connected with. If you can’t choose a server, tap “Quick Connect” and the service will connect you with a random country.
  3. Open Tik-Tok and refresh your feed.

Easy peasy, do you agree? We should warn you that you mustn’t use free VPNs because they aren’t secure and even may steal your data and sell it!


So we told you how to unblock Tik-Tok at school. We think that NordVPN is the best solution for your problem. Tik-Tok helps you to chill out and relax after difficult lessons, but you should be a good student at the same time, ok?

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