How to Get on Instagram at School or College

It is extremely annoying when you want to like your friends’ photos but can’t do it. You see only white screen and nothing more. Point is your educational institution blocks this social media because it wants your concentrating on subjects. But you can circumvent this closure.

In this article we tell you how to get Instagram unblocked at school.

If you want to check Insta at your education institution, use VPN. Using a Virtual Private Network you will get around all caps.

I have tested a lot of VPNs and can say that the best one is NordVPN. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you don’t risk if buying a VPN from this service.

NordVPN has more than 5500 servers in 60 countries all over the world. It means that you can choose a country that you mostly like.

The service has support which is 24/7 online, thus if a problem occurs, write to support. It will help you to deal with difficulties.

Why Schools Block Insta and How They Do It

May be it is true: students prefer to see photos rather than to learn a difficult material. If you spend your time on social media a lot, you lose the capacity for concentrating on a book, lecture or a math problem. So you should know why teachers and school admins don’t like Instagram.

When you go on the street, at home, at last in school — you have an IP-address which is similar to your home address, just on the Internet. Sites and social networks see your IP and can deliver your data about themselves, so you fresh feed and see new publications of your friends and celebrities.

Your school also has its own IP-address, because there is the router which is responsible for Internet connection in your school. Insofar as admins of your education institution control all processes in it, they have access to this router. And they blacklist Instagram if they consider that this social media is not welcome on the campus. When it is blacklisted by admins of you institution, it receive a “signal” that it has to limit access for users with this IP. And if it see the address, it blocks access for users wishing to check it. Therefore you indefinitely refresh your feed and don’t see anything!

How to Circumvent Caps

A VPN helps you to get around caps. Virtual Private Network changes your IP-address to the IP which you choose yourself. So if you try to check Insta, this social media doesn’t see your real IP-address, therefore you can get on Instagram easily.

Don’t worry about that the router will realize your VPN. If you use a quality service such as NordVPN, you will be undetected at all time.

How to Set Up a VPN on Instagram

If you want to unblock instagram with, do the next steps:

  1. Buy and download a VPN software. Most VPN services have apps for Android and iOS.
  2. Choose the network you want to be connected with.
  3. Open Instagram and refresh your feed.

Easy peasy, do you agree? We should warn you that you mustn’t use free VPNs because they aren’t secure and even may steal your data and sell it!


Insta is a network for sharing photos and exchanging points of them. It helps to chill out and forget about difficult tasks and infinite tests, but sometimes school admins block Instagram on campus. Fortunately, NordVPN helps you to get around caps. You can enjoy your favourite social media and relax after lectures easily, but you should be a good student at the same time, ok?

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