Does VPN Use Data?

We have been working on the Internet for 6 years, so we know all about VPN and Internet security. In this article we will tell you how much data VPN use and recommend you the best VPN in 2021. So, let’s dive in.

The Best VPN for You

What is the best VPN in 2021? As we said, we have been working with a Virtual Private Network for 6 years so we have tasted a lot of these ones. Thus, we can advise you the NordVPN service because:

  • it is very cheap but has extremely high speed. You will not notice you are using a VPN;
  • it has support which is online 24/7 so it answers all you questions;
  • it has 55.000 servers in 60 countries. You can choose server what you like most:
  • you can use a NordVPN on 6 devices concurrently. So if you work on your laptop, chat with friends on the phone and need a VPN for in, our offer is the best solution for it;
  • this service has a 30-day guarantee so you don’t risk buying it.

So let’s try a NordVPN and work comfortably!

How Much Data Does VPN Use?

As you know, a VPN encrypts your data. This process requires additional energy and mobile data. Therefore yes, a VPN uses data. It spends 10-15% extra data.

Example. You download a film that is 2GB of data. If you don’t use a Virtual Private Network, you spend only 2GB, but with it you spend 2.2 GB or even more.

Can VPN Use Extra Data?

Yes, of course. If you use mobile data which are limited, be attentive. When your limit will end and VPN will require more data for encrypting, a VPN will eat your paid traffic. You will pay a lot if you are not careful.

If you use unlimited data with a limited fast traffic for every day, you will be sure that you will not pay. When a VPN spends your fast every-day traffic, the speed of the Internet will become slow.

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Which VPN Protocols Use The Least Data?

There are three types of protocols:

  • OpenVPN,
  • L2TP,
  • PPTP.

Every protocol is created for certain needs. But now we are talking about using data. So PPTP uses less data then other protocols, OpenVPN spends little more data. So we recommend to utilize OpenVPN protocol because it’s way more secure than PPTP. Also we advise you to use a paid Virtual Private Network, the NordVPN because this service is also secure.

Can a VPN Get Around Data Caps?

No, a VPN can’t get around data caps. So if you want to avoid limits, you will not do it because a VPN spends data, not economs it.

Example. A user wants to avoid data limits and try a Virtual Private Network. But a VPN uses 10-15% of his mobile data, so when he overshoots, it starts to spend extra data.

Be careful using VPN. Utilize it when you extremely need a Virtual Private Network.


Now you know all about VPN and its spending data. If you have questions, write them in comments and we will answer you! Don’t forget about NordVPN. It will provide you security, high speed and low data consumption.

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